Thursday, April 05, 2007

IBM's Mike Moran - Search Engine Marketing Inc.

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I had the pleasure of speaking with Mike Moran, IBM Distinguished Engineer and co-author of the book Search Engine Marketing, Inc. - Driving Search Traffic to your company's Web Site.

We discuss a number of topics in his book including: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) versus SEM (Search Engine Marketing); landing pages and doorway pages; organic search versus paid; how major search engines index websites; the Bow-tie theory; and eye tracking analysis - to name only but a few concepts.

Want to find even more about Mike? Check out Biznology - his email newsletter and blog.

A new website for I.A. Consultants is going to be published in the coming weeks! The I.A. Podcast will be integrated into this new site. A whole lot of easy to use features including streaming audio and multiple ways to subscribe and publicize the show to others. Stay tuned!

Many thanks to Mark Blevis and his efforts in helping me edit the sound on this show. Mark has several initiatives under way with respect to Podcasting. The following are a few examples of his work: (interviews and documentaries) (great children's books and author/illustrator interviews) (supporting the Canadian Podcast community)

Mark is also coordinating the Podcasters Across Borders event in Kingston, Ontario. This will be the second annual not-for-profit international podcasting extravaganza, will provide you with a full suite of podcasting how-tos — from audio production techniques to podcast promotion and podcasting in an educational setting — and a chance to spend a weekend with generous, talented, friendly members of the Canadian, American, British and Argentinian podcasting community.

Thank you to John Wiseman and his efforts in helping me create a new website for I.A. Consultants - coming at the end of April 2007!

I presented at this past weekend's third BarCamp in Ottawa. I had the pleasure of meeting Bryce Johnson and W.R. :-) I look forward to having Bryce on a future I.A. Podcast.

On Friday April 13th the CapCHI Workshop, Web 2.0 - The Human Web is taking place at the NAC here in Ottawa. Register today!