Saturday, September 15, 2007

New iTunes Feed

If you are still using this site to get the I.A. Podcast, please note that I've had to change the subscription to iTunes. If you click on the iTunes icon on the right side navigation, it will pull in a new feed to iTunes. (Apple messed up the feed and the staff at iTunes couldn't resolve the issue).

My apologies for the inconvenience and late notice. Life has been busy and work has been coming in steadily.

I'm working on a sponsorship for the Podcast with a major vendor and the next show will be with New Zealand's Rebecca Hope and her company Tecads and their product Motivate Infographics.

Thank you to all my listeners. One further announcement, I'm going to be doing the Podcast for Boxes and Arrows. I'll be recording the first four shows in later this month on the following articles with their authors:

Getting a Form's Structure Right by Afshan Kirmani

Foundations of Interaction Design by David Malouf

Blasting the Myth of the Fold by Milissa Tarquini

PDF Prototypes: Mistakenly Disregarded and Underutilized by Kyle Pero Soucy

There is a Podcast page on the Boxes and Arrows main navigation at the moment - bare with us as we figure out the best way to incorpoarte the Podcast on the site.

In the mean time, if you'd like to hear the first Podcast I did for Boxes and Arrows, check out the show I produced with Jeff Lash and Chris Baum on transitioning from the role of UX professional to Product manger,

Friday, August 24, 2007

Mesh - User Experience and Community

IA_015 Podcast (mp3) Opens Audio File in Browser

I attended the Mesh Conference in Toronto Ontario last week. In the process, I rounded up a few of the speakers and attendees to participate in a discussion around User Experience and Community. There was no set agenda for the discussion other than to talk about some of the main themes from the conference - connect, share, and inspire. A huge thank you to the organizers of mesh for everyone who took the time to share their ideas and projects at the conference. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and I look forward to next year's conference.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

IBM's Mike Moran - Search Engine Marketing Inc.

IA_014 Podcast (mp3) Opens Audio File in Browser

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mike Moran, IBM Distinguished Engineer and co-author of the book Search Engine Marketing, Inc. - Driving Search Traffic to your company's Web Site.

We discuss a number of topics in his book including: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) versus SEM (Search Engine Marketing); landing pages and doorway pages; organic search versus paid; how major search engines index websites; the Bow-tie theory; and eye tracking analysis - to name only but a few concepts.

Want to find even more about Mike? Check out Biznology - his email newsletter and blog.

A new website for I.A. Consultants is going to be published in the coming weeks! The I.A. Podcast will be integrated into this new site. A whole lot of easy to use features including streaming audio and multiple ways to subscribe and publicize the show to others. Stay tuned!

Many thanks to Mark Blevis and his efforts in helping me edit the sound on this show. Mark has several initiatives under way with respect to Podcasting. The following are a few examples of his work: (interviews and documentaries) (great children's books and author/illustrator interviews) (supporting the Canadian Podcast community)

Mark is also coordinating the Podcasters Across Borders event in Kingston, Ontario. This will be the second annual not-for-profit international podcasting extravaganza, will provide you with a full suite of podcasting how-tos — from audio production techniques to podcast promotion and podcasting in an educational setting — and a chance to spend a weekend with generous, talented, friendly members of the Canadian, American, British and Argentinian podcasting community.

Thank you to John Wiseman and his efforts in helping me create a new website for I.A. Consultants - coming at the end of April 2007!

I presented at this past weekend's third BarCamp in Ottawa. I had the pleasure of meeting Bryce Johnson and W.R. :-) I look forward to having Bryce on a future I.A. Podcast.

On Friday April 13th the CapCHI Workshop, Web 2.0 - The Human Web is taking place at the NAC here in Ottawa. Register today!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Findability and Fraud Investigations

IA_013 Podcast (mp3) Opens Audio File in Browser

We sit down with Chris Pierre from Glencastle Security to discuss the importance of findability when working on fraud investigations. Sorting through enormous volumes of data in order to create a logical flow of information is paramount when building such cases. Chris outlines the variety of tasks involved in this process including the tools he uses such as X1, Access, and Excel to organize all of this data in presenting each case. He also illustrates how findability extends beyond data to people; intellectual; and personal property.

The White paper, Best Practices to Deal with Threats to Your Intellectual Property in the Supply Chain is the paper we discussed in some detail. Check it out!

Chris also discusses the following in our conversation:

Forensic Data Recovery Inc. ("FDR") provides world-class computer forensics Professional Services, Software Solutions and Training for corporate, government and law enforcement clients across Canada. Our clients are served from offices in British Columbia and Ontario.

Hi Tech Crime Investigators Association - The purpose of the Ottawa chapter is to encourage, promote, aid, and effect the voluntary interchange of data, information, experience, and knowledge about investigative methods, processes among the membership of HTCIA in Ottawa Canada, specifically the National Capital Region, and abroad.

The CapCHI Workshop is set for April 13th. If you'd like more information about our speakers check out their bios in detail, below:

Peter Merholz - Adaptive Path
Maggie Fox - Social Media Group
Derek Featherstone - Further Ahead
Mike Atyeo - Neo Insight

The IA Summit will be held in Las Vegas this year! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so I guess that means we won't be Podcasting any of the events, eh? ;-)

The Book I.T. Podcast is coming together. This show will be hosted on IT Conversations - launch date coming soon!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Discussion with Copywriter and Blogger Kristina Mausser

IA_012 Podcast (mp3) Opens Audio File in Browser

I recently had the opportunity to have lunch with local copywriter, Kristina Mausser. In this conversation, Kristina talks about the challenges of writing for the web versus that of writing for print material. We also cover the topic of organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO); the various streams of copywriters, proxy blogging, and the process Kristina follows in developing quality content for online publication.

Kristina runs her own copywriting company, digital word and also writes about her passion for writing, the Internet, and all things digital on her blog Word Up! Life in the Digital Hood.

I talk about a podcast recorded earlier that morning with Social Media expert Maggie Fox who will be one of our presenters at the April 2007 CapCHI Workshop on Web 2.0 and CHI. Registration for this event will be up in the coming weeks.

I will be taking on a Podcast for IT Conversations called BookIT! I will be speaking with authors of IT publications; starting in early February. My first two Podcasts will be with Peter Morville and Louis Rosenfeld on the O'Reilly publication Information Architecture for the World Wide Web. This will be followed by a discussion with Peter Morville on his book Ambient Findability.

The BookIT Podcast will cover more than topics related to IA. I have also asked to talk to the authors of Dreaming in Code, Wikinomics, Prioritizing Web Usability, Straight to the Top - Becoming a World Class CIO and Everyware. If there are IT books you have read lately that are of great interest to you, please pass them along to me. Ideally I'd like the books and questions to the authors to be guided by our listeners.

I will also be speaking about Podcasting at the upcoming Demo Camp here in Ottawa. If you're in the neighbourhood, please come out to the next event by adding your name to the Wiki.

Be sure to take the time and check out the brilliant new publishing tool, Public Square!

John Wiseman's Blog Post about Apple's new iPhone availability in Canada.