Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Defining Information Architecture - Blogs, Frameworks, Concepts

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This is the first podcast for Information Architects! This show shares ideas from blogs from other IA's from around the world and discusses a framework to illustrate the tremendous value an Information Architect can bring to any organization.

Wildly Appropriate
I.A. Institute
Working definition of IA Cross Wired Mind
Boxes and Arrows
Information Management Now "The Relationship Between IT and Business" January 14, 2006
Peter Morville - Ambient Findability


At 8:40 AM, Blogger Stig Andersen said...

Hi Jeff,

Interesting topic, great show, and nice with a new format. Wish I could leave my comment in audio though :-)

You cover a lot of ground. I’ll just comment on one particular topic: You are talking about how IA and the information architects can bridge the gab between IT and business and you sketch out a framework. I agree with you! Great observations. But you also say that IT and business rarely succeed in communicating. If we are talking the IAI/polarbear/webcentric information architects, I agree. But the problem here is, the IA’s of the kind (which to some extend includes myself) are a little narrow-minded, have become encircled, and lack vision. We do not acknowledge that IA exists elsewhere. I’d like to point to enterprise architecture, where business and IT communicate very well. Even within an established framework. Or several different frameworks, where some stress the IT (tech issues), some the business issues, and others have a more holistic approach.

This connects to an other of your points; the need to define IA. As such I don’t think it’s so interesting to define the subject. But in daily work as consultant, it is pressing to be able to come up with some sort of definition or description of what IA is. And the high level definition is no good in that context. You need something concrete. And I ask you; instead of being deductive, why not go the other way. The fact is – like it or not – we have a de facto definition in the IAI/polarbear/webcentric realm. Nobody has put it in words though, but we all know it. Face to face we will be able to come up with four-five keywords, I bet. The keywords that add value to our clients and line managers. I’d love to hear it from you in a future podcast. Do you have the guts ;-)


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