Monday, November 13, 2006

Discussion with Information Architect Bob Goodman

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Tonight we speak with Information Architect and Usability expert, Bob Goodman.

In this discussion Jeff talks to Bob regarding his article on Boxes and Arrows about the concept of the Information Architect creating a "Change Architecture" within businesses. Bob also shares his thoughts about Web 2.0 and the value add this new approach to the web will bring to organizations. As well, we discuss different approaches to IA and Usability including card sorting and Bob's experiences with Listening Labs.

Bob’s interests include visual perception and the psychology of individual and group decision making. He is active in several trade groups, including the User Experience Network, where he serves as Boston Ambassador. He writes frequently about technology and culture, and his work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, the Boston Phoenix, ACM's Interactions magazine, UXMatters, and on his blog, UXCulture.Com

Boxes and Arrows article:Change Architecture: Bringing IA to the Business Domain

Dr. Timothy Lethbridge's presentation on Integrating HCI into Software Engineering: The Imperative and the Resistance

My apologies to Dan Brown for not having his wonderfully crafted book Communicating Design: Developing Web Site Documentation for Design and Planning, in front of me during the show. A great book that should be on the shelf of every developer and Information Architect.

Sarah Rice article on using Metaphors to Increase Customer Acceptance

Mark Hurst Gel Conference website and an overview of Gel with a video by host Mark Hurst

What is a listening lab? Listening Labs are a method of testing Web sites and other interactive experiences in front of users. In the industry, this genre of testing is often called "usability testing" or "user testing." The name "Listening Labs" reflects the focus on listening intensely to what users have to say.

We briefly discussed Donna Maurer's work to date in the creation of a book on Card Sorting. Best of luck Donna, we're all looking forward to its' publication!