Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Improve Search / Reduce Risk. Bar Camp(s) and a National Conference

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This show talks about elements to look at to improve search while simultaneously reducing risk. We also discuss a conversation with Stepanie Lemieux of TaxoCop and the creation of Bar Camp(s) and a National Conference.

KM World University Webcast Series Minimizing Risk while Improving Workforce Productivity through Secure Search

Jakob Neilson - Prioritizing Web Usability


CIO Magazine - 8 Steps for Improving Project Management

Taxonomy Commnity of Practice (TaxoCop) Wikipedia - Stephanie Lemieux - Administrator of Wiki.

Bryce Johnson - Navantis

Jess McMullin - nForm

Contribute your ideas to the Canadian Conference / Bar Camp Wiki

Eric Schied and Irconclad

Seth Earley - Early and Associates

CapCHI and the HotLab at Carleton University

A great summary of this Podcast and the ideas around search can be found from Peter Morville's book, Ambient Findability:

"...we know accessibility is the "single most important variable governing the use of information." In the spirit of our tribal ancestors, we absorb most of our information passively and rely on who we know for much of what we know. Search can be an integral part of the decision-making process. What we find influences what we do. But the first step is deciding to search, and the smallest barriers will deter us. The primacy of accessibility is among the firmest ties that bind our rationality. We trust the informal gossip of the grapevine without seeking the analysis of experts. And our source bias feeds our anchoring, memorability, and confirmation bias to further tangle our judgment." p. 160


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